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Team Raidlight

The Team Raidlight open to all


Raidlight has nowadays 3 main groups that constitute its community:

- Our Dream Team of 5 top level athletes;

- International athletes from all over the world;

- A Team open to all that has more than 8'000 members since its creation in 2008


Discover our Dream Team and national and international athletes' results!


2016 racing calendar


Join the Team

Everyone can be a member of this team. Our Team, it’s you!

What is Team Raidlight?

The Team Raidlight concept was developed in 2007 by Raidlights founder Benoit Laval. At its heart is the concept of having a team open to all which allows like-minded individuals to come together and participate under one banner. That year 140 runners signed up to compete at the UTMB all wearing caps and shirts made by Raidlight; the team finished 3rd overall. “I learn so much when I listen to the runners of quite levels speaking about their preparation and about the race which they share with me. That is the Raidlight Team.” Benoît Laval (CEO Raidlight)

Team Raidlight now has around 5,000 members which probably makes it the largest Trail running Team in Europe, if not the world. Through Raidlights forum Team members can upload photographs, videos, race results and comments on products or production design of equipment. All this activity earns the individual Team member “km points”. These points can then be used later to obtain discounted running kit from the Team Shop. This concept allows runners of all abilities to be able to participate in this reward system. The feedback from Team members also allows Raidlight to listen to their customers and to design products that are functional and truly wanted by runners. Beyond the commercial image, the idea is to create a real Team, with real runners sharing the same ethos in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Even if separated by distance the forum allows Team members to communicate and come together as a whole. Communication is not however exclusively by the internet, group meetings are also organised for trips into the mountains or to participate in races and Raidlight Courses organised by or at the initiative of a member of the Team.


Can I join even if I am a member of another running club?

Yes. Team Raidlight does not compete in any UKA affiliated leagues and as such no clash of interests regarding first claim or second claim clubs will occur.

So, is Team Raidlight affiliated to the UKA Federation or any other UK body?

No. Team Raidlight is not associated with any UK league fixtures, track, field, cross-country, or orienteering etc.

If an individual is not a member of any other athletics, running, fell or orienteering club it is recommended that they take individual membership out with the appropriate authorising body as this will provide them with insurance cover when competing in their events.


So the benefits are…..?

Joining the Team allows you to become part of a like-minded community of Trail, Mountain and Fell runners from around the World. It allows you to share in other peoples experience and share you own with others. By participating in this sharing you also have the opportunity to obtain heavily discounted first class running kit. There are no pressures from a competing or performance perspective, you decide when and where you want to race; whether that’s competitively or just for fun. Group meetings also allow you to meet other members from around the country or abroad and also often afford you the chance of trying and testing new products. And finally it’s FREE!


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